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Wholesale Banknotes & Currency Services

Delivering Bulk Currency Orders Quickly, Reliably and Securely

Delivering Bulk Currency Orders Quickly, Reliably and Securely

At Travelex, we have extensive experience trading in over 80 currencies on behalf of some of the world's leading financial institutions and central banks. We know that our customers depend on us to provide them with the foreign banknotes they need, whenever they need them. So during more than 30 years, we've built close relationships with leading airlines and security partners to ensure that our currency is dispatched swiftly in the most secure and expedient way possible. This also means when we buy used and surplus banknotes they can be returned securely to our vaults, ready for verification and payment, just as quickly.

As the world's leading foreign exchange specialist, we consistently offer our customers competitive rates and attractive settlement terms, with advice available on other products within the group's portfolio.

Our focus is to provide a complete c integral service, creating a global bridge for your wholesale banknote needs. We have built close relationships within the airline industry, insurance sector and with CIT security companies to ensure that our shipments are delivered promptly and safely. We manage all insurance, transportation requirements and custom formalities, removing the liability and risk from our clients, until the shipment arrives at your premises. As a leading foreign exchange specialist, we offer our customers competitive rates with access to non-restricted foreign banknotes, as well as the flexibility to deal by Reuters Direct Dealing (TVLX) or on the telephone.

As one of the leading wholesale banknote suppliers in the Middle East & Turkey, we have extensive experience in trading over 90 currencies across Europe, Asia and the Middle East on behalf of leading financial institutions and organizations across the globe.

An integrated service provider for Global Wholesale Banknote Services for International Financial Institutions.

Our Benefits

Active Dealing Team

Access to a team of banknote dealers globally, all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience of the global banknote markets.

Wide Choice of Currencies

The availability and access to a multitude of currencies.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing your currency supply can reduce the need to manage constant cash positions and the associated costs. Our services ensure you do not have to hold long positions in currency over time, saving you from any downside risk while ensuring you have efficient & secure access to global markets through our expertise.


TWCS have the ability to source & deliver all major currencies on a global scale. We pride ourselves on the unrivaled ability to source and distribute banknotes across the globe. Our internal logistics and dealing teams are skilled at navigating the complexities of moving banknotes to a wide network of international locations.


Setting the Gold Standard in Industry Compliance. Compliance and Risk Management forms an integral part of the culture of Travelex. We aim to comply with the spirit, rather than just the letter, of laws and regulations. Strong Compliance and Risk Management differentiates us from our competitors and provides commercial advantage that enhances our brand, as well as that of our partners.

Global CIT & Logistics Partners

Our Secure logistics capacity is having an expansion to deliver our objective to become a leading global wholesale currency supplier. We leverage established global armoured (cash in transit) carriers providing trusted local currency deliveries with fully Insured shipments - Door-to-door insurance, or Door -to -Airport for wholesale currency shipments provided by Travelex wholesale currency services (TWCS)

Travelex has the support infrastructure, financial and IT systems, risk management controls, compliance programs and monitoring, as well as a dedicated and accredited* Wholesale Banknote dealing team throughout the region.

For more information, please contact us at

Reuters Dealing Code : TVLX

Dealing Room : +971 4 3248 408

Email: banknotes.met@travelex.com

Benefits Of Using Travelex's Wholesale Banknotes Solutions

With great rates and cash arriving fast, Travelex helps your money go further whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Trust
  • World's largest non-bank wholesale provider of local and foreign currency banknotes.

  • Scale
  • Capacity to source and deliver all major currencies on a global scale.

  • Investment
  • Significant investment in compliance, technology and long term relationships.